Being authentic in a cookie cutter industry is a difficult task….especially at 18. A musician by trade, Evan Cole’s contemporary soulful sound is a resurgence of his music idols that blend subtle rhythms that make your feet tap away, your bottom lip inch out, and your body gyrate to the deep cadence. With today’s emphasis on vocal heavy top line, Evan steers away from the normal boy-band pop iconic mega-trend and instead punctuates his music with weighing beats and rhythm that is reminiscent of gospel, rhythm and blues and jazz blended with his own unique style.

Raised in St Louis Missouri, the jump blues/piano based city spawned its way into some of the retro piano sounds that Evan enjoys parading in his energized performances. One of the few musicians whose busking license is frayed around the edges with use, Evan has 1000+ appearances on the streets of the world to a well-deserved fan base.

One of the youngest contestants on American Idol to receive the golden ticket, his appearance fast tracked his career introducing him to music industry savvy at an early start. In addition to being a junior in high school, he spent 2017 and 2018 performing on stage and on tour.

His music has received the attention of many sponsors – most notably Ford Motor Company. But the most significant sector of Evan Cole’s life is not his music, not his Billy Joelesque entertainment factor, and not his 3 octave strong vocals pitch perfect within a well-told story. More pervasive than his strong desire to resurrect true musicianship, is his generosity, his charitable heart that he extends to all who meet him.